In a world of..

..diminishing resources and increasing stresses on natural and social systems we must rapidly implement strategies to restore degraded landscapes, shelter and feed displaced and hungry people, and convert our energy, wasteful infrastructure to holistic and ecological systems that meet their own needs and the needs of those who manage them.

We lay the foundation for understanding the workings of natural systems and for designing human environments that produce food, shelter, and energy. It also provides participants with models of community development and extension by which they can create networks of support for themselves and empower others to do the same.

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Permaculture is about creating sustainable human habitats by following nature's patterns.
An ecological design system that inspires and empowers us to create our own solutions to local and global problems, it provides ways to design and create healthy productive places to work, rest and play.

The world has changed. Most of Earth´s citizens are now aware of the degradation of water, soils, forests and air quality, and that this destruction is accelerating. We know we are living in an age of energy and freshwater peak and decline and the future does not look pleasant unless we move creatively into the future, changing our attitudes and lifestyles. However, it is not simply enough to slow down the destruction; we must work to reverse it. Permaculture provides us with the skills and knowledge to do this in ways that are creative and satisfying. Much of Permaculture is repair.