Permaculture teaching and workshops

We like to support you in teachings on permaculture and help you designing and building your own garden enabaling you to grow your own healthy, tasty and organic food with only little effort. This can be in:

  • schools
  • farms
  • homes
  • prisons
  • ....



Permaculture Design Course

We are planing to hold a Permaculture Design Course (PDC). There is no fix date yet, but we ask all interested people to get in contact with us, so we can plan the course accordingly.

Our teachers will be Paul Yeboah (Ghana) and Jan Georg Fischer (Germany)

We are planning to go on excursions to cooperating farms and places of interest.

The 72-hour course enables you to start your training as a Perma-Culture-Designer. After the course, you start your own Permaculture Projects in your surroundings. Learning by practice!

If you like to continue your permaculture education you can continue with further education and trainings leading towards the international "Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design".